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    RUNI A/S

    Industriparken 8

    +45 97371799

    RUNI A/S is a Danish screw-compactor manufacturer, located in a region with a long tradition for eco-technology, machine manufacture and metalwork. At RUNI we develop our machines ourselves on the basis of many years’ experience and this development work leads to constantly improving results and new areas of utilization. By far the majority of our solutions are customized to meet precisely our customers’ requirements and the specific purposes. We can do this because we design and produce the machines at our own workshop in Denmark. RUNI has specialized in the most efficient and energy-saving type of compactors – screw compactors. For volume reduction of different foam materials; dewatering and compacting of PE-film, PET-bottles, beverages etc. Many materials can afterwards be recycled and generate and income and that is why we TURN WASTE TO VALUE. RUNI’s machines are made for hard work, even in difficult conditions and demanding environments. Therefore they are built with heavy materials, thick plating and solid raw materials. Meticulous assembly by skilled smiths and craftsmen ensures that each machine is a unique, reliable, high-quality product; able to cope with the most arduous work for many years. Although RUNI’s machines are based on a simple mechanical concept – the screw principle – compacting is often a very complex matter. However, we have built all of our experience and know-how into the every machine, and made operation of the machine extremely simple.



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